Brian T. Murphy's Birmingham Night Skyline, April 1, 2008.

Today’s Discussion on Birmingham Leadership

I mentioned last week that The Birmingham News would host a roundtable discussion about leadership in Birmingham with local leaders and the community.

Well, that discussion is taking place today at The News, where seating is limited. It will be streamed live from But those who want to join the discussion can take part via the online chat with columnist Eddie Lard. The event is from 12:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. Continue reading →

The Picture That Changed Birmingham

The May 14, 1961, picture of Klansmen savagely beating non-violent Freedom Riders upon their arrival at the Birmingham Trailways bus station helped change the city’s course toward a destiny it has yet to achieve. Continue reading →

thecashflow-meagan-and darrius peace 100 urban entrepreneurs

The Power of Good Ideas

Creation, it is said, starts with an idea, a thought that builds in the mind. The mind contemplates it, turns it over and around, studies it from different angles, and images how it could work under various conditions and circumstances.

The appearance of that idea, turning it from a thought into a tangible reality, is where the mind uses its power – its experiences, its reasoning ability, its access to resources, its outward actions through the physical body it controls – to act on the idea.

Faith (idea) without works (action), after all, is dead.

Putting faith into action is how TheCASHFLOW, and its non-profit foundation 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, came into existence. The idea is to provide start-up funding and coaching to young inner-city entrepreneurs who have great business ideas but little to no support that can help them turn those ideas into reality. Continue reading →

Children’s Education and History’s Lessons

dr._steve_perryMany of you probably know of Dr. Steve Perry. For those who don’t, he’s become the new face of education reform in America thanks to CNN. The network highlighted the success-against-the-odds principal Perry and his Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a public school in Hartford, Conn. that he helped found, in its 2009 “Black in America” series.

And after listening to Perry’s speech at the African American Business Council’s recent annual luncheon, I understand why he’s been successful. Continue reading →


The Blueprint for Economic Prosperity: Is Birmingham Finally Ready?

Today, in Birmingham’s newest park — the result of community collaboration — comes the unveiling of a new plan for economic prosperity that is also the result of community collaboration.

The Birmingham Business Alliance will formally release Blueprint Birmingham, a strategic action plan that might finally help Birmingham unleash its always latent but awesome potential. If followed with the same thoughtful planning, cooperative spirit and passion that created the Railroad Park, this plan can guide Birmingham toward its destiny as a great city.  Continue reading →